Caspian ESRM – Enterprise Security & Risk Management Solutions

Mitigate Cyber Risks for More Effective Enterprise Risk Management

In order to mount an effective response, your security deployment needs to be able to map its capabilities to those being used by attackers. The Caspian Security Fabric integrates the following critical security functionality together into a threat-oriented architecture designed to see and thwart even the most sophisticated attacks targeting the most remote corners of your enterprise:

  • Visibility - You can’t defend what you can’t see. The Caspian Security Fabric allows you to identify every element on your network, visualize how these components interact in order to identify potential attack vectors, and establish and enforce more effective policies and mitigation strategies.

  • Segmentation - The Caspian Security Fabric can intelligently segment your network into functional security zones. End-to-end segmentation, from IoT to the cloud, and across physical and virtual environments, provides deep visibility into traffic that moves laterally across the distributed network, limits the spread of malware, and allows for the identification and quarantining of infected devices.

  • Automated Operations - The Caspian Security Fabric dynamically shares local and global threat intelligence between security devices, and can use that information to centrally orchestrate a coordinated threat response between devices to stop a threat anywhere along the attack chain.

  • Security Audit - The Caspian Security Fabric’s centralized management and next-generation SIEM technology can determine and monitor trust levels between network segments, collect real-time threat information, establish a unified security policy, make recommendations based on security posture, and orchestrate appropriate policy enforcement anywhere across the expanded network.

    This functionality is woven into Caspian’s four-step threat life cycle strategy that has been designed to address the attack strategy used by cybercriminals. These four steps are: Prepare, Prevent, Detect, and Respond.