Overcoming IT Challenges


Companies in growth mode know firsthand just how challenging managing technology and IT resources can be.

There are many facets of technology executives and business owners continuously have to evaluate including hardware, software, security, mobility, connectivity, compliance, DR/BC, project management and of course, the human resource element.

Companies with limited or no IT staff have the ever present challenge of managing all of these critical components while also focusing on running and growing the business.



The Caspian Difference

Effective IT and business alignment must go beyond executive-level conversation to permeate the entire IT organization and its culture. It means supporting business needs with the appropriate levels of IT resources, governance and risk management. That typically requires developing and managing a flexible technology infrastructure, improving the quality of service delivery and preventing security breaches and business interruptions.


Not Clients

Caspian provides end-to-end IT services not just as a vendor, but as a partner in fulfilling business goals.



At Caspian, we handle our partnerships with the utmost responsiveness and transparency.



 We offer worldwide on-site support backed by our alliance partnerships with leading service providers.



Our global talent with a local presence provides an efficiency-oriented delivery framework.


Caspian's Practice Areas


Caspian delivers ITaaS through three distinct practice areas; Infrastructure Management, Enterprise Security and Risk Management and Application Management.

Caspian's overall approach to risk management in each of our practice areas creates a competitive advantage for our clients. Risk—both upside and downside—may arise from many sources such as emerging technology, globalization, data growth, vendor/supply chain complexities, client expectations and compliance requirements.

Caspian enhances the effectiveness of controls and processes across the enterprise with advanced analytics, automation and streamlined reporting to increase accountability and collaboration.

Learn more about each solution below:


Infrastructure Management Solutions (IMS)

Does your IT infrastructure provide the scalability and performance your business requires?

With an enterprise architecture roadmap and hosting solutions, you can have the information and hardware you need to extend your business’ IT infrastructure without investing in additional on-site IT resources. Our enterprise solutions include a full suite of offerings that will help manage and optimize a number of your business requirements.

Enterprise Security & Risk Management Solutions (ESRM)

Mitigate Cyber Risks for More Effective Enterprise Risk Management

In order to mount an effective response, your security deployment needs to be able to map its capabilities to those being used by attackers. The Caspian Security Fabric integrates critical security functionalities together into a threat-oriented architecture designed to see and thwart even the most sophisticated attacks targeting the most remote corners of your enterprise.

Application Management Solutions (AMS)


Caspian helps business and IT executives navigate through the uncertainty and challenges with App Management. We have a wide range of Service Delivery and Technology capabilities to transition and transform a Client’s Application Portfolio. We use a flexible, collaborative approach to define and implement a customized solution for our clients.


Caspian Success Stories from Organizations Around the Globe

Learn about Caspian's effectiveness as an it management partner

Today, our vision continues to inspire our dedicated team to deliver valuable services that continue to evolve with the changing needs of our clients.

Organizations turn to us because of our deep insights and experience in designing, implementing and managing global infrastructure, our partnerships with industry-leading global providers and our ability to respond with the agility, flexibility and accountability that only a focused, independent firm can provide.



Reach out to Caspian

Our team is always ready to answer questions and evaluate your current status regarding your IT infrastructure and security. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization overcome your specific IT challenges.