About Us

The Caspian Vision

Companies in growth mode know firsthand just how challenging managing technology and IT resources can be.

Caspian was founded in 2002 on a singular vision: Technology (IT) should be designed to enable companies to accomplish their business goals and objectives more effectively.

Effective IT and business alignment must go beyond executive-level conversation to permeate the entire IT organization and its culture.  It means supporting business needs with the appropriate levels of IT resources, governance and risk management. That typically requires developing and managing a flexible technology infrastructure, improving the quality of service delivery and preventing security breaches and business interruptions.

Today, this vision continues to inspire our dedicated team to deliver valuable services that continue to evolve with the changing needs of our clients.  They turn to us because of our deep insights and experience in designing, implementing and managing global infrastructure, our partnerships with industry-leading global providers and our ability to respond with the agility, flexibility and accountability that only a focused, independent firm can provide.

I recognized a lot of businesses were stuck—struggling to get to the next level.

With my experience, I knew I could help. I wanted to bring them value by showing/guiding/teaching them they could use technology to get the most out of their process and people. It brings me great joy to know they are running a better business and that they sleep well at night because their business is safer.

—Dale Boehm, President & CEO