Audit and Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Technology Assessment

A Technology Assessment is a means of evaluating your technology or processes to determine its current viability. A technology assessment is conducted prior to the adoption of new systems for your organization. It’s important to understand how effective your current software is, especially in comparison to other options available in your industry. We are able to quickly detect if an application is underutilized, outdated, or ineffective. Often times, an issue is solved with technology that is ill-equipped to address the underlying cause, and it’s important to root such problems out as well as provide a better alternative.

Value Chain Assessment

A Value Chain Assessment is a means of analyzing a business’s activities to understand how it can create a competitive advantage for itself. It helps a company visualize how its product or service has value added to it in relation to the cost of adding the value. In other words, we determine how you can leverage your market to create a competitive advantage for your company and create a profit margin. When done effectively, the value gained will exceed the cost taken to increase its value. Caspian is able to use our technological expertise to assess how you can increase the value of your services–effectively creating a competitive advantage while still considering the associated costs.

Business Process Analysis

Caspian’s Business Process Analysis (BPA) is a method for analysis of a company with respect to the processes involved. A business process analysis considers the health of your organization and its processes to improve its efficiency. In our business process analysis, we collect data and make recommendations based solely on your integral processes. In our recommendations, we also formulate a plan as to how your processes should look.

Information is everything to your business. The more you understand what can be done to better it, the sooner you can make plans to achieve your specific business goals.


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In any merger or acquisition, technology integration is one of the most critical elements–and also one of the most overlooked until late. Caspian can help you avoid the risks of a technology merger and instead transform it into a competitive advantage, resulting in a significantly better deal value.

The larger an M&A deal becomes, the more important technology integration becomes. Costs can quickly add up when little consideration is given to technology. Caspian is able to advise you throughout your M&A process by maintaining your key priorities, raising strategic questions and solutions, and effectively manage your costs to keep your deal lucrative.

IT Roadmapping

Caspian’s IT Roadmap is a strategic, long-term plan created from your organization’s short-term and long-term goals in regard to specific technology solutions. Formulating a plan is the first step to achieve a goal, and Caspian is able to outline the steps required to bring your technology to the latest systems. An IT roadmap communicates plans that directly affect your company’s internal systems and processes. Through outlining initiatives and capabilities, it will becoming easier to grasp progress long-term.

Several types of IT roadmaps include:

  • Enterprise IT Roadmap
  • IT Project Roadmap
  • IT Architecture Roadmap
  • Engineering IT Roadmap

Make your IT initiatives more strategic. Contact us for a consultation to project how your internal operations can adapt long-term.

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IT Auditing

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Caspian’s Auditing Service is designed to examine and evaluate your organization’s IT infrastructure–including its policies and operations. Our auditing is offered as too many businesses’ goals and IT operations are nebulous. For many organizations, it’s unclear quite what their expectations and goals are. Many businesses hold important customer information yet have no picture of how secure (or insecure) their data might be.

In our IT audit, we evaluate your pre-existing system’s internal control design and its effectiveness, including areas such as:

  • Efficiency
  • Security Protocols
  • Development Processes
  • IT Governance

It’s essential to know if your information is being properly safeguarded. Our IT audit will evaluate the security of your assets as well as your ability to properly distribute information to authorized parties. We test your system’s availability, security, confidentiality, and integrity.