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Managed Infrastructure

Smarter, scalable, and secure.

At Caspian, we understand that time is money, and time wasted is money wasted. Too many businesses in the 21st century struggle with internal operations issues that take too much time to resolve – and can hemorrhage profit. Many of these issues exist despite the fact that the solutions are right in front of them. To scale up your business, it is important to eliminate inaction and to find processes that save time. Fortunately, Caspian’s experience and time lets us resolve these problems for you, so that your business can keep on functioning profitably without worry. Let us focus on the day-to-day technology operations so that you can continue to think big picture.

While we focus on your technology, you can focus on scaling up.

We focus on improving your day-to-day operations so that your organization’s long-term growth isn’t hindered. Is your business struggling to keep up with these demands in any capacity?

Caspian presents IT Out-tasking and IT Outsourcing as selective solutions for your ever-expanding tech requirements.

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Selective outsourcing of specific IT tasks

With out-tasking (or “selective outsourcing”), you delegate important individual tasks to us as part of your sourcing strategy. In contrast to classical outsourcing, as a service provider, we only take on specific IT sub-tasks of our customers. This enables a company’s IT departments to outsource certain tasks and reduce their workload. Out-tasking includes, for example, the outsourcing of the User Help Desk (UHD) within the framework of selective outsourcing: according to the exact requirements in the respective scenario, we put together the required experts to support the users in your company with questions. Another example of selective outsourcing would be the outsourcing of a digital communication platform for internal or external information exchange – based on Microsoft Sharepoint.

Achieve maximum flexibility with IT outtasking.

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Out-tasking allows us to take on individual tasks at your delegation so that we can handle only the certain elements of your IT department that you’d like us to. Our help desk is always available. You can fall back on us and relax during emergencies knowing that your needs are in safe hands.


Stay agile for your business

In the age of digital transformation, information technology (IT) is the foundation of your company’s future viability. In addition to digitization, new legal regulations and numerous other factors are also permanently increasing the demands placed on IT. Ensuring that critical information is safe presents another element that can be expensive to keep secure as cyber-threats are becoming smarter and more adaptive. It is therefore becoming increasingly challenging, inefficient, and expensive for companies and IT departments to cover their own IT requirements themselves. Stay flexible with IT outsourcing and the modern X as a Service (XaaS) solutions from Caspian Managed Services.

A complete solution according to your requirements.

In order for you to be able to concentrate fully on your business under these conditions, an optimal IT sourcing strategy is essential. That’s why you should give us the responsibility for operating your business-critical IT – from individual applications to the management of the complete IT environment of your entire company. The basis is always the latest cloud computing according to the XaaS concept. This makes your IT costs more flexible (“OPEX” instead of “CAPEX”). Most importantly, you only pay for IT infrastructure resources when you actually need them.

Minimize your costs by reducing overhead.

Caspian Full Outsourcing offers your company the greatest possible benefit. For example, in carve-out scenarios in which parts of a company are sold and spun off. In such a case, the spun-off company must  implement the new business model with high pressure, because high growth is the declared goal. What is needed is an IT environment that can be quickly adapted to rapidly-changing conditions without incurring any additional costs beyond the resources actually required.

With full outsourcing from Caspian, you benefit in all business scenarios – not just in carve-outs – from the advantages offered by the latest in cloud computing. These include flexibility, scalability, maximum efficiency, and security.

We offer you 24/7 operation in our own, certified high-availability data centers – exclusively in Germany – and optionally with backup through a second data center. We have our own MPLS backbone with the highest performance for networking your locations. The basis of our service provision is always the clearly-defined SLAs.

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