Remote Infrastructure Management

Network Management

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  • Fast and Powerful Networking
  • Safe and Secure Management
  • Experienced Support Team
  • No Downtime
Experience a faster, more secure and reliable network through Caspian.

Your business shouldn’t waste time dealing with networking issues such as security compromises and downtime. It can prove to be a real nightmare when your productivity is wasted when dealing with problems that arise in your network — especially for those who aren’t technologically-inclined.

Instead of dealing with such issues, your business needs a capable network management system. Fortunately, Caspian is here to relieve the complexity and stress of managing your IT architecture. Through our network management solution, your team can work without difficulty — no interruptions.

We maintain your IT systems and connections so that you don’t have to. Our strategy begins by analyzing your complete network and providing an assessment of its current health and capabilities. From there, it’s our standard procedure to monitor for potential network issues. Anti-virus, patches, fixes, reboots, and other functionality is maintained to guarantee the smooth operation of your business applications.

Through our team’s careful monitoring and server experience, your network is optimized to its highest potential.

Storage Management

We protect, host, and manage your data so that you can keep it secure.

Caspian provides Enterprise Storage Services (STaaS) to businesses that require high-performing storage systems with a level of service that aren’t obtained elsewhere. It is important to protect your business from unknown risks and when it comes to data protection, Caspian continually proves to be the best provider.

There are numerous circumstances when it’s important to have your data accessible from any location, personal computer, tablet, or other device connected to the cloud or Internet. Caspian provides low-cost elastic storage that scales based on your utilization, including key components such as regular backups, archives, and file storage.

Remote Staff Augmentation

The premise of remote staff augmentation is to fill skill gaps in your projects or needs using Caspian’s talented IT specialists. Even though your in-house staff may have a diverse skill set, it’s still common to need additional IT support from a robust and adaptive team to meet your project needs. By alleviating some of the work from your team, Caspian helps your project maintain its scope and profitability while not keeping you bogged down in the details. Forgo the expense and time-consuming process of hiring a new in-house developer and instead use Caspian’s team to fit your needs. Stay within budget – and within your deadlines – and receive a much-needed boost to your team, even if it’s just for this project.

NOC Services

NOC as a service – referring to the management of the Network Operations Center – allows your business the ability to keep an efficient network while giving you peace of mind through our dedicated support. Decrease downtime and increase productivity through Caspian’s scalable NOC services to put yourself above your competition with the latest in innovative tech.

Caspian detects cybersecurity threats early-on to ensure they never become an issue. We leave nothing to chance.

The NOC handles:
  • Power Failure
  • Network Failure
  • Virus Detection and Prevention
  • Server Monitoring
  • Help Desk
  • Router Monitoring
Wide angle shot of rows of server cabinets lined up next to each other in working data center. Led lights on server cabinets. Room illuminated by purple glow from lighting.

Data Migration

Data migration is a common requirement for many businesses as they expand or simply need to access their data through different sources. Without an intuitive data migration plan, businesses are often overwhelmed by the processes, make decisions without understanding their implication, and commonly exceed their budget.

In data migration, data must be prepared through extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) before it can be moved. A complete data migration strategy prevents a situation that creates more problems than it resolves. Data migration most often includes:

  • Storage Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Business Process Migration
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