End-User Solutions

Strategy and Implementation

End-user computing (EUC) is an opportunity for your business to be more productive and creative. Caspian supports end-user computing by analyzing your needs and finding the proper software or hardware solution to solve them. We start by working with you to develop an EUC strategy to determine your internal IT infrastructure needs and follow through by integrating the solution for you.

Our End-user solutions follow a clear process designed to resolve your needs quickly.

  1. Pinpoint a need your organization or industry has
  2. Plan a strategy to satisfy your needs
  3. Procure the best IT solutions in a cost-effective manner
  4. Provide the right solution by delivering and deploying it with our talented technician team
  5. Proof your organization for the future by providing ongoing support for your infrastructure

Reduce your business’s costs by purchasing only what you need to through Caspian. Far too many software or hardware packages are sold at an inflated cost with tools that have no use to your business. Build out your new tech solutions by having Caspian take on the procurement process and reduce costs. We are able to find the best deals for your business whether you need desktop and notebook computers, smartphones and tablets, web and cloud applications, virtual desktops and applications, or more.

If you’re looking for software consultation and selection guidance, ask us about our Software Consultation process.

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End User Support

After integrating your new infrastructure solutions, Caspian offers end user support to ensure your systems continue to operate at their full capacity. Our help desk experts are specialized in diagnosing and resolving problems — either remotely or on-site.

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End-User Management

Patch Management

It’s important to keep your software in-check with the industry standards as developers update their applications often. Software that is out-of-date is more susceptible to cyberthreats and increases the risk of your system being compromised. Safeguard your information and software integrity by keeping your systems as current as they can be.

Mobile Device Management

Caspian supports mobile device management so that your systems can stay productive when they leave your place of work, but still remain secure. Caspian doesn’t share the cybersecurity concerns seen with other mobile hosts as our cybersecurity expertise lets your valuable business information stay safe as your workers go out into the world.

Encryption Management

Caspian’s authority in cybersecurity makes us ultra-aware of security threats and are able to prevent them before they become realized. When not done properly, encryption management can lead to unintentional disclosure of private, sensitive data. By protecting your data from outside sources, we can ensure that your internal data stays out of the wrong hands.

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