Data Analytics and Management

Data Analytics

Data is invaluable. When it comes to making important decisions, it is essential to operate on as much clear information as possible. Many businesses make decisions with little-to-no information, while others have too much raw data and no way of interpreting it. Caspian’s data analysis determines what information is relevant to your business operations and how it can be used to make your processes more efficient.

Data analysis at its core is a broad field, and has several primary data applications, including:

  • Descriptive data analytics develops metrics to track the past successes or shortcomings of your business by summarizing large datasets to develop KPIs.
  • Diagnostic data analytics supplement descriptive data by determining the cause of past events by using information to interpret trends and anomalies.
  • Predictive data analytics refers to the use of past events and statistics to project how certain
  • Prescriptive data analytics is the application of predictive data to offer a solution through data-driven decisions.

It’s important to make well-informed decisions while facing uncertainty. Future-proof your organization by making projections and following through on them. Through the use of data analytics, you will be able to determine where you are, where you have been, and where you should go.

Most businesses underutilize the information in front of them. Set your business apart from the rest of your industry by developing a well-rounded understanding of your organization’s needs and opportunities.

Data Reporting


How important is data reporting to making strategic business decisions?

Source - Dresner Advisory 2017

Data analysis and reporting is a critical element of a business’s decision-making process. The above study has shown that most businesses consider data reporting the most important strategic initiative to business intelligence.

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Data Warehousing

Caspian’s experience in data warehousing make us the ideal choice for storing and managing data. 

A data warehouse is a data management system that supports business intelligence tasks, such as data analytics. It often times contains large amounts of data with which to perform queries and analyses. It is able to consolidate data from multiple sources, allowing your business to derive valuable data from it. Additionally, a data warehouse contains a historical record of information such as transactions, which is greatly beneficial for data reports.

A data warehouse is created with your specific business requirements in mind. Its design addresses the following elements:

  • Data content
  • Relationships between data
  • Refresh frequency
  • Systems environment
  • Data transformations and their types

The data warehouse’s design also addresses room for expansion to keep in line with the growing needs of the end user.

Big Data Management

As companies grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage large amounts of data. Organizations often find that their data may be outdated, inaccurate, or incompatible with other data.

Caspian is the best solution to overcome the challenges of big data management while maximizing the benefits of your data. At Caspian, we develop a strategy to transform the organizational integrity of your pre-existing data systems or establish a new one. With data breaches being as common as they are, Caspian is the smart choice for your management needs. Our cybersecurity experience ensures that your sensitive data is kept secure and out of the wrong hands while still making it accessible to your team.

Man and woman walking down hallway in working data center. Floor and server cabinets are illuminated by light. Monitoring data center.

The Facts

report a lack of confidence in their data, contributing to non-compliance
Trust the quality of their data
Experience a downturn in customer loyalty from misuse of data
Source - Experian 2017 Global Data Management benchmark report

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