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Optimize your organization’s resources to the latest in cloud-based computing through Caspian today! Whether you’re looking to consolidate your team’s resources and communications through one host, need the speed your company should have, or desire more streamlined management solutions, a cloud environment through Caspian is ideal for you. We offer support for both private and public cloud options, and are able to dedicate our resources to ensure that your business runs smoothly as it transitions to a faster environment.

If you’re new to cloud-based hosting, or are already in an environment but not getting the support your business deserves, you’ve found the perfect solution through Caspian.

  • Secure Platform
  • Expert Support Team
  • Fully Customizable
  • Integrated Backups
  • Cost-effective


Our hosting is backed by industry-leading experts. The Caspian team is well-equipped to help you at any time.


Caspian’s state-of-the-art Cloud Solutions are supported through the latest enterprise hardware, reaching the maximum speed and reliability in platforms today.


Every business is unique in its needs and opportunities. Our cloud hosting lets you customize your environment as you need.


The many benefits of a cloud system make it ideal for increasing productivity and efficiency at a low cost. When your operations are consolidated, revenue can grow in unexpected ways.


By having Caspian take care of your hosting infrastructure and hardware, you can focus on your applications, tasks, and Virtual Machines.

Private Cloud

Private Clouds utilize cloud hosting exclusively used by one organization. A private cloud infrastructure is always maintained on a private network; your hardware and software belong only to you. The private cloud can be physically hosted at your workplace on-site, or hosted in Caspian’s secure datacenter.

Private clouds offer increased flexibility and make it easier for your business to customize its resources and applications to meet your requirements. Private clouds are very commonly used by financial firms, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and other businesses with business-critical operations hosted on the cloud.

Benefits of utilizing a private cloud include:

  • Flexibility -customize your cloud environment to your needs through a private setting
  • Control – privacy is ensured as your online resources are not shared with others
  • Scalability – private clouds can be upgraded without commercial limitations

Caspian recommends a private cloud to businesses that appreciate a higher degree of freedom in their software, especially for larger enterprises or businesses that anticipate significant growth. Additionally, the privacy and control of the private cloud make it ideal for businesses with critical information as they can be hosted safely in Caspian’s secure datacenter.

Public Cloud

Public Clouds are the most common type of cloud hosting available. Cloud resources are owned by a third-party cloud service provider and delivered over the internet. In a public cloud, hardware, software, and other supporting equipment are owned by the cloud provider.

This means that you also share the same hardware, storage, and network as other businesses; they are other “cloud tenants”. Generally, a public cloud is accessed through a web browser or application, and provide e-mail, office applications, online storage, and sandbox environments for testing.

Benefits of utilizing a public cloud include:

  • Low Cost – by using pre-existing software and hardware, the only cost is the service itself
  • Reliability – a network of servers keeps your connection uninterrupted
  • No Maintenance – your service provider maintains the public cloud

Caspian recommends public cloud hosting to businesses that are looking for a reliable, lower-cost method of online hosting that offers plenty of features to keep your business running smoothly.

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