Risk Intelligence

With every year that passes, the threat of malware and viruses becomes much more dangerous to organizations of every size. Even though antivirus programs try to detect and mitigate the effects of malicious software, more computers and networks are being infected than ever before. Several significant data breaches occur every month, proving to be a nightmare for businesses that need to keep their data safe.

Ransomware is a huge problem, costing organizations and individuals billions of dollars nationwide simply as a cost of remediating ransomware damage or paying a ransom. The global cost of malware is posed to reach $6 trillion by 2021. With malware becoming an even greater threat, why aren’t more companies investing in their own cybersecurity?

While staying informed is an important first step to securing your data, partnering with Caspian is the best way to ensure that your processes are not susceptible to outside threats. Whether you need a defensive team to detect threats 24/7, an offensive team to penetration test your network, or advisement from our industry-leading security experts, Caspian is the ultimate choice in keeping you and your employees safe.

Total Malware Infection Growth Rate (in Millions)

Source: AV-TEST Institute 2020 Malware Report
of breach victims in 2017 were businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees
Consumers believe their data is protected
of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack are out of business within six months

Incident Response Teams

Caspian’s Cyber Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) expose and avert cyber attacks targeting your organization; their duty lies specifically in incident response. Detecting, controlling, and eliminating cyber attacks is their goal, as well as restoring any systems that were harmed.

There are a few different ways that a response team can handle your specific cybersecurity positioning. Realistically, there are 3 different types of teams that we utilize to help your organization avoid future incidents:

Red Team

Offensive Cybersecurity

A Red Team consists of cybersecurity professionals who act as ethical hackers to overcome cyber security controls. They utilize all available techniques to find exploits or weaknesses in processes or technology to gain authorized access to assets. As you experience a simulated attack, the red team will begin to make recommendations and plan on how to strengthen your organization’s security presence.

The red team spends time to gather intelligence on your system (firewall, network information, access controls) before simulating an attack on it. By utilizing our red team, you can better understand the steps that should be taken in order to secure your network.

Blue Team

Defensive Cybersecurity

Blue Teaming, at its core, refers to the defensive backbone of a company from a cybersecurity standpoint. Blue teams are defenders, constantly improving in detection and response techniques and technologies. After familiarizing themselves with business objectives and your organization’s security strategy, they protect critical assets against any kind of threat.

This is first reached by gathering data and documenting what needs to be protected through a risk assessment. After implementing the proper SIEM monitoring tools and firewalls, the blue team is able to perform regular checks to the security network and maintain a defensive approach as a way to effectively ward off threats.

Purple Team

Adaptive Cybersecurity

Purple Teaming refers to a mixed group of attackers and defenders working cooperatively. This refers to the cooperation of the offensive elements of the Red Team with the defensive techniques of a Blue Team. Often times, other cybersecurity providers that provide blue and red team elements fail to have them cooperate effectively – akin to a restaurant where the waiter and the cook don’t communicate and fail to get orders out.

Purple teaming is often one of the most important elements in incident response, yet simultaneously overlooked by many. Caspian has been purple teaming effectively in order to prevent hacking threats early, where other providers realize all too late.

Threat Intelligence

Caspian’s vulnerability management allows us the continual practice of identifying and analyzing software vulnerabilities — which is fundamental to computer and network security. Through Caspian’s routine maintenance and investigation, any weaknesses in your software’s security will be exposed and analyzed. From that point, any vulnerabilities in the software can be corrected through our various remedies.

Caspian’s threat intelligence gives you the knowledge you need to prevent cyberattacks. Through our data-gathering process, our experts give you the context you need to make informed decisions about your security and what threats you might face.